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Inspiration Dior Book

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  • Inspiration Dior Book

christian dior

Inspiration Dior Book

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Inspiration Dior is an exclusive, comprehensive, and stunningly beautiful look into one of the world’s most successful names in fashion. Moving from the launch in 1947 to the present day, the book defines the roots of Dior style. The book showcases gowns, suits, and acces­sories, with close-up details; it traces the themes and sources of inspiration, from artwork to the natural world; and it delves into the craft of haute couture—leatherwork, intricate embroidery, luxurious fabrics, and more. Archival photographs, previously unpublished images, and sketches are reproduced as well. A showcase of the many famous people who have worn Dior, including Elizabeth Taylor, Nicole Kidman, Princess Diana, and Kate Moss, to name just a few, completes this luxurious volume, a fitting tribute to this legendary fashion house.

Hardcover: 330 Pages

Author: Florence Müller

Publisher: Abrams



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