Over a decade ago, Bella Bag didn’t start with pen to paper and a formal business plan. I tell you this because it's important to me that you know how we got our start and why we're here. I was simply a customer looking to sell my handbags and realized there were no effective ways to do so. Just like tons of other girls out there, I had bills to pay, a nice handbag to sell and the consignment stores around me weren’t getting the job done in a timely fashion. I didn’t want to wait 6 months for a 50% check..and no wonder it was taking so long! My bag was mixed up in with old jeans and t-shirts. No thanks.

With lots of determination, tons of help, one car that funded the first round of handbags, and a passion for authenticity, the company that lots of you already know and love today was built.  If you aren’t familiar with us yet though, I invite you take a chance on something exceptional, spend some time and browse around the most “bella” pieces in the world.  We offer to you not only a place to shop for loved designer luxury handbags and accessories only from brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Goyard, Celine and more...but a world class, hands on shopping experience either online at bellabag.com or at one of our two boutique locations in Atlanta.

At Bella Bag, authenticity is what we do.  We live, eat, sleep and breathe authenticity.  I mean, personally, I pride myself on being an authentic woman, raising an authentic little girl at home, and hiring authentic people around me at Bella Bag...so I damn well want to make sure our handbags are authentic too!  

We have so much love, passion and work still left to do in the arena of authentic designer handbags, that we just don’t have the time or energy for replicas, nor the dirty world they get down in, and a dirty dirty world it is. Still, many customers and friends ask me, "Cassandra, how do you know the bags are the real deal, because some of those fakes…they’re getting sneaky good!" A valid point guys, I agree.

So here’s the answer, although, not black and white, I believe we do the best job in the world here at Bella Bag in authenticating product, hands down.  Using the “13-Point Authenticity Inspection” I personally wrote, we review each bag to see if it can meet the standard we have set out.  The “13-Point” examines some parts of a handbag that most would know to check (Pattern formation or the way the logo on the outside or inside may look); others less obvious (the zipper head manufacturer, the hardware magnetism, the measurements of the bag - which can vary by millimeters and only in some places like on the handles or feet).  But, the most important thing about the inspection is that it doesn’t deem anything “Right” or “Wrong”.  It says either “Perfect” or “Suspect”.

So, rest assured…not only do we not allow fake bags to creep into our collection…. we don’t let any suspects in the door either. 

Most importantly, however, we offer you a place where you will feel like part of our authentic family too.  Don’t take our word for it though… take a peak into what we are really like over here.  We think you’re going to have some fun.